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QSL JMH Japan Meteorological Agency on 13988.5 kHz

QSL from JMH / Japan Meterological Agency
A physical QSL card from JMH / Japan Meterological Agency

They still exist… physical QSL cards, sent by mail, full of details. A big thank you to the folks at Japan Meteorological Agency for keeping up the tradition! I got my QSL JMH Japan Meterological Agency on 13988.5 kHz for my reception of weather charts via fax, which is almost a tradition in itself!

QSL JMH / Japan Meteorological Agency
Nicely detailed QSL from JMH

I have to thank Hugo Matten as he reported good reception conditions late June for the reception of various stations from the Far East around 14 MHz. The QSL was accompanied with a kind letter with additional details:

QSL from JMA Japan Meteorological Agency
QSL letter from JMH

Far East Weather Fax

Currently their are good conditions to receive some of the Weather Fax Stations from the Far East in the late afternoon, say between 17:00 and 21:00 UTC . The Japan Meteorological Agency is one of them on 13988.5 kHz, The callsign JMH is easily spotted top left:

They broadcast a satellit image at 19:10 h UTC:

Another station is Guangzhou Radio on 16826.25 kHz. Very clear image and ID, unfortunatly I didn’t sync them very well. I received them on 12629.25 kHz as well, but in lesser quality.

And on 13570 kHz there is HLL Seoul. Not every picture has their name attached, but the HLL callsign was obvious on this one:

Weather Fax from HLL Seoul

Check this link for the best info on the few Weather Fax stations that are still in operation!

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