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QSL NDB L-365, L-372, B-429, R-534 Czech Republic

In the last three months of last year I received 11 beacons from the Czech Republic. My report to ANS remained unanswered. Arvid Husdal was so kind to provide me with the email address of Miroslav Najman, OK1DUB, who works at ANS as Radiocommunications Systems Adminstrator.

Within a day Mr. Najman sent me an email. 7 of the 11 beacons in my report were military and outside ANS responsibility (see below). But he could confirm my reception of 4 of them:

NDB L, Karlovy Vary,  365 kHz
NDB L, Prague, 372 kHz
NDB B, Brno, 429 kHz,
NDB R, Ostrava, 534 kHz

The beacons are Thales NDB 436, operating on 50 Watts power. In addition to the technical info I received 4 nice pictures of the transmitter containers and antennas.

NDB L-365 Karlovy Vary
NDB L-372 Prague
NDB B-429 Brno
NDB R-534 Ostrava

The following beacons are owned by the military:
CF-345.5 and C-715 for Caslav Airbase
PK-432 and P-888 for Pardubice Airport (shared mil/civil)
K-438 for Praha-Kbely Airbase
LA-514.5 and XU-563 for Namest nad Oslavou Airbase

QSL Radio Dechovka on 1233 kHz

On May 18th, Radio Dechovka brought a special program to commemorate the fact that regular radio broadcasts started 100 years ago in Czechoslovakia. They used the Prague Zbraslav transmitter on 1233 kHz. A special QSL was issued Radio Dechovka to confirm reception reports for this event.

Radio Dechovka 1233 kHz Prague
Centennial QSL for Radio Dechovka on 1233 kHz

The Prague Zbraslav transmitter on 1233 kHz is normally not in use by Radio Dechovka as they can’t afford the bill. Their normal programming can be heard on 792 and 1260 kHz. Some sources report that 1233 khz might be taken off the air forever later this year.

The nice thing about the Radio Dechovka QSL is that it came by regular mail. A real old fashioned QSL, plus stickers, my report stamped in a beautiful priority mail envelope!

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