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QSL Europarl Radio via Channel 292

Better weather finally arrived. And I had to do some catch up in training for the 235 km long bicycle Elfstedentocht which I completed last weekend. As a result I spent less time behind the radio. QSL response rates were a bit lower as well. The QSL from Europarl Radio, via Channel 292, was therefore more than welcome.

Early May Europarl hired 3 time slots on Channel 292. It was the first time in Europarl Radio history that they broadcast their programmes on short wave. You could already listen to their programmes/podcasts via the internet.

I’m not sure whether it will be a success though. First of all because the time slots hired on 9670 kHz were mid day. With the sun out there is a lot of solar panel interference in my suburb area (including our own panels I have to admit). Signal strength of Channel 292 is not sufficient to overcome this. Secondly, listeners might struggle a bit with the programme format. It changed from English to French to German every 10 minutes…

That said, their QSL card is nice and fully detailed.

QSL Europarl Radio via Channel 292
QSL Europarl Radio via Channel 292

European Parliament on Radio 292

Today I received an email Radio 292 newsletter. They apologize for not sending out QSLs of late due to a lack of time. Ofcourse you can always try to QSL this station via one of the many individual program owners of shows they relay. Check their website for more info.

Interesting is that they will relay programmes from the European Parliament on Radio 292 for the first time. Frequencies are 6070 and 9670 kHz:
May 6th : 9-10 h UTC
May 9th : 17-18 h UTC
May 13th : 9-10 h UTC

eQSLs are awarded. Reports should contain at least 15 minutes of content description and comments on signal quality. WebSDRs allowed. Send your reports to

Radio 292, Rohrbach, Germany

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