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QSL NDB VR-365 Gran Canaria

The third QSL I received for a beacon from the Canary Islands: NDB VT-365 on the island of Gran Canaria. The largest island, but not the beacon with the best signal overhere as you can see on the Pskov image on my PPC. I got my QSL via

“PPC” QSL for NRB VR-365 Gran Canaria

QSL NDB HIE-376 El Hierro

During the CLE299 all of a sudden I received three beacons from the Canary Islands. I’ve said it before, reception from a station based on an island is somehow always a bit special. So I am very pleased with this QSL for NDB HIE-376, located on the island of El Hierro.

“PPC” QSL for NDB HIE-376 El Hierro, Canary Islands.

El Hierro is the tiniest inhabited island of the Canaries. But it has an airstrip, and on the picture below you can actually see the radio beacon, to the left of the terminal building. It’s a tiny airport, and traffic is limited to flights from Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

El Hierro Airport. Photo © Iván Berrocal

As was the case with the QSL for the NDBs on the Baleares, the email confirming my reception came with a fully detailed datasheet:

QSL CCR Las Palmas 8414.5 kHz

e QSL Las Palmas Radio
e QSL card from Las Palmas Radio

Coast Guard Radio in Spain is remotely operated from three centers: Coruna, Valencia and Las Palmas. This e-QSL CCR Las Palmas confirms my reception of the latter, operating from the Canary Islands on 8414.5 kHz. It was my 2nd attempt to get a QSL from this station via , so maybe they reply a little bit irregular.

Unfortunately the e QSL doesn’t show the station name, so I have to save the email that went with it in my files as well:

Email accompanying the e-QSL for Las Palmas Radio

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