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My CLE299 results

From Christmas to New Year I participated in the Coordinated Listening Event CLE299 organized by the NDB list group. I like CLE’s as they give you a bit of insight in the performance of your equipment. The goal for this event was to: There is obviously a bit of strategy involved in this one. Initially […]

QSL NDB HIE-376 El Hierro

During the CLE299 all of a sudden I received three beacons from the Canary Islands. I’ve said it before, reception from a station based on an island is somehow always a bit special. So I am very pleased with this QSL for NDB HIE-376, located on the island of El Hierro. El Hierro is the […]

QSL 7 NDBs from Bulgaria

There are 9 active NDBs in Bulgaria. During the CLE299 event I was able to receive 7 of them. Mr. Kostadinov, Deputy Director Operational Systems was so kind to sent me an email confirming my reception of: GNA-284 GornaBOZ-312 BozhurishteDWN-350 Devnya for VarnaKMN-399 Burgas/KamenarPDV-450 PlovdivWAK-490 VakarelPD-537 Plovdiv Despite the distance, which is between 1719 and […]

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