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QSL NDB LAR-382 and EVR-425 Portugal

I received a friendly email to QSL NDB LAR-382 and EVR-425 Portugal. Rosa Roque, head of maintenance at FIR Lisboa Airport, answered the email I sent to . The same address that verified my reception of NDB FIL on the Azores.

Dear Peter,

We confirm that these are the frequencies and the call sign of these radio beacons.

It’s amazing how, under exceptional propagation conditions, a frequency can be heard at such a great distance.

This is to confirm that Peter Reuderink has received radio beacons LAR on 382 kHz, and EVR on 425 kHz.

Many thanks. Best Regards.


Rosa Roque

DOPLIS/MANLIS – Head of Maintenance Services

Lisbon FIR Operations Directorate

As far as I know their are 4 NDBs left in Portugal. Two of them can be received most evenings at my QTH,
LAR at Arruda (I guess the callsign is derived from Lisboa-ARruda) is situated north of Lisbon International Airport aligned with the runway.
EVR is situated at Évora Municipal Airport. The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer owns two plants adjacent to the airport.

QSL NDB FIL-380 Horta/Faial Island

I was really surprised to pick up a NDB signal from the Azores with considerable signal strength. Below you can see the Pskov recording (I added the morse code for clarity):

Pretty strong signal from FIL-380 Horta/Faial Island

The email to QSL NDB FIL-380 near Horta on Faial Island indicates a power of 700W which, in combination with propagation over water, might explain why the signal came through so well.
I sent my report to which is the general email address for NAV Portugal, responsible for flight safety in Portugal and the Portugese Islands.

email QSL for NDB FIL 380 kHz, near Horta on Faial Island, Azores

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