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QSL AWR via Dushanbe 15515 kHz

QSL Adventist World Radio Dushanbe Tajikistan
e QSL AWR via Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Within a day I received this e QSL for my reception report on an English program of AWR (Adventist World Radio) via Dushanbe, Tajikistan on 15515 kHz. I sent my report to The QSL was sent via Hushmail, and in Microsoft Excel format. Only the two letters DB refer to the location in Dushanbe.

The transmitter site in Dushanbe is Dushanbe-Orzu to be exact. Voice of Tajik (on 7245 kHz) and Radio Free Asia are also using this site.

QSL Vocea Sperantei 1584 kHz

The medium wave scene is pretty dynamic right now. And 1584 kHz has always been a frequency where several low power stations compete. I got this QSL Vocea Sperantei for my reception of their program on 1584 kHz. I sent my report to .

QSL letter from Vocea Sperantei
e QSL letter from Vocea Sperantei, Romania, 1584 kHz

Vocea Sperantei has 4 transmitters on this frequency. All have a rather modest power of 1 kW only. Nevertheless I hear them quite often, battling with SER stations from Spain, Greatest Hit Radio from the UK, or Studio X from Italy.

Vocea Sperantei means “Voice of Hope”. The station is part of the Adventist World Radio network (as you could have guessed from the three trumpets in the logo).

As they write on their website: “In an indifferent, confused world with toppled values, Voice of Hope is a different kind of radio, with a different message. Because of the current topics, the warm and optimistic tone of the producers and the interest in the problems of the listeners, Vocea Sperantei radio is for everyone who needs a friend, strength and hope”. And indeed in these troubled times I can only applaud them for their effort.

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