Radio Piko is a new legal LPAM station from Finland. It is broadcasting from Asikkala in the south of Finland with 10 Watts only. Despite a few efforts I couldn’t receive Radio Piko as well as Hugo Matten for example did, mainly because of higher noise levels.

But when I compared my recordings with what I heard on the WebSDR of the Finnish DX Association I discovered that the female station ID in English was clearly audible. With that typical pitch when pronouncing “Radio Piiiko”. Traces of 1940s music could also be picked up.

Radio Piko Asikkala Finland
e QSL from low power (10 W) station Radio Piko from Finland

I sent my report – which was basically just my MP3 recording – to , and Jari – who is also an avid DX-er – was so kind to confirm my reception with the beautiful e-QSL card. Jari wrote that he didn’t expect perfect reception outside Nordic countries. With 10 watts carrier it is just for DX catch. 5980 kHz brings a solid signal in Nordic countries in evening. 49 and 75 metres antenna is a simple wire in forest.

Radio Piko is on air typically two hours on saturday and sunday evening, on 3990, 5980 or 9770 kHz. Most often they broadcast in LSB, with the occasional SSTV snippet as well. Check the Radio Piko website for the latest schedule information.

I admit, I had to look up where Asikkala was on the map: 1606 kms from my QTH.