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QSL LRA36 RN Arcángel San Gabriel

I think I am chasing a QSL LRA36 RN Arcángel San Gabriel for about 40 years now. To be precise, the station started transmitting from Esperanza Base in 1979. That is exactly the year in which I started with my hobby as a 17 year old kid. They featured in every WRTH I bought since…

I heard them once, many years ago. But I never received a reply on my report. On Saturday July 8th this year at 19.00 h UTC I heard them again on the usual frequency of 15476 kHz in USB. I was afraid that I tuned in too late, as reception quality soon deteriorated, and after 19.15 h UTC I couldn’t pick up their signal anymore.

QSL LRA36 Antarctica 15476 kHz
LRA36 RN Arcangel San Gabriel sends a nice PDF as QSL

But during these 15 minutes I heard a conversation between a man and woman, and more importantly: a fragment of a passionate Argentinian ballad. As I could neither specify details of the discussion, nor the title of the song I sent a small MP3 clip along with my reception report. And one month later I got his beautiful PDF as QSL in return.

Clearly the Argentinian government has a geopolitical motive maintaining a shortwave radio station in Antarctica. That said I’m still grateful to the LRA36 team for their commitment to the DX-ing community all these years!

It is not always clear to me when LRA36 is in the air. They seem to have regular programs on Saturday between 18 and 22 h UTC. I also heard that they have programs on Monday and Wednesday evening (UTC). My advice is to monitor DX sites like SWL-ing post, HF Underground or Hard-Core-DX for the latest information. Reception reports can be send to .

Woerden – Esperanza Base : 13916 km

QSL SHN Buenos Aires on 12577 kHz

During my stay on a campsite in the north of the Netherlands I enjoyed good conditions on 12 MHz in a relatively noise free environment. That resulted in the reception of a lot of new DSC stations. SHN (Servicio de Hidrografia Naval) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was one of those!

QSL Servicio Hidrografia Naval Buenos Aires
QSL… just three letters, but I got my QSL for MRCC Buenos Aires!

The email reply took hours only and was the shortest possible. But it carried the three key letters: “QSL”! (I added their logo to the email myself to improve the appearance of this post).
I sent my report to Confirmation followed via, which is probably the Coast Guard branch.

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