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QSL Radio Norba, Potenza 98.2 MHz

A nice email QSL from Radio Norba. Radio Norba operates a FM network in the southern half of Italy. I received them on 98.2 MHz via the 10 kW transmitter in Potenza. A distance of 1574 kilometers from my QTH.
On this YouTube clip you can hear them and see their full PI/RDS 5353/R-Norba. I sent my report to .

Radio Norba coverage map

QSL Radio Club 91, Benevento (Napoli) 92.1 MHz

QSL from Radio Club 91, Benevento, Italy. Another station I received during the beautiful opening on June 2nd, 2024. Radio Club 91 is a station in the Napoli Region. On 92.1 MHz I received a signal from their repeater in Benevento. It is listed with only 300 Watts! A recording of the ID I heard:

Radio Club 91 is a radio station in the region Napoli. The station started in 1976 as Radio Discoteca Maracanà. It broadcasted the disco evenings from the discotheque live. In the early 80ies the name was changed to Radio Maracanà Club 91. Soon thereafter that became Club 91, again supported by a discotheque with the same name in Casoria.

QSL Radio Sintony, Sant’Antiocio (Sardinia) 92.4 MHz

Another nice catch during the June 2nd opening resulted in a QSL from Radio Sintony. Radio Sintony is radio station from the island of Sardinia (or Sardegna) in Italy. I received them on 92.4 MHz. The 2.5 kW transmitter is located in Sant’Antiocio on the southwest tip of the island: 1473 km from my QTH. This is their station ID as I received it:

I sent my report to and Valeria Cauli was so kind to return a fully detailed QSL:

QSL Radio 24, Gioiosa Marea (Sicily) 93.2 MHz

Radio 24 is a nation wide commercial FM station in Italy. I received them on 93.2 MHz. This must be the 4kW transmitter in Gioiosa Marea, in the northeast of Sicily (1734 kms from my QTH).
Not an easy catch as on 93.1 MHz I have the provincial station Radio M from Utrecht only 14 kilometers away with 630W. I can see their antenna from my roof terrace. Check my Youtube clip: Radio 24 93 200 MHz, 2024 06 02 17h00Z (

Radio 24 is owned by the editorial group Gruppo 24 ORE, which also owns the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. So no surprise that Radio 24 broadcasts a news/talk format.

QSL Jonica Radio 93.3 MHz

Jonica Radio started in the 80ies in the city of Cosenza. Today they can be heard in the regions Calabria, Basilicata en Puglia, the most southern regions of Italy as shown in the picture below.

I heard Jonica Radio on 93.3 MHz. FM List shows three transmitters but without details on power. So the exact location is a little bit of a guess. And it wasn’t an easy catch. I heard their station name on 33 and 40 seconds in this clip.

I sent my report to and received this fully detailed QSL email within a day. I’m very grateful to the folks at Jonica Radio for listening to my noisy recording and sending a confirmation!

Email QSL Jonica Radio, 93.3 MHz

QSL Radio Kiss Kiss, Cupello 92.2 MHz

Radio Kiss Kiss is a commercial station with an Italy wide network on FM. They focus on soul, funk and disco. I heard them on 92.2 MHz. I made a Youtube clip so you can hear for yourself: Radio KissKiss, 92 200 MHz, 2024 06 02 17h52Z (

There are 5 stations listed on this frequency, with the 5 kW station from Cupello being the strongest. As I heard a few other stations from that part of Italy I assume this might be the transmitter I received.

Email to QSL reception of Radio Kiss Kiss on 92.2 MHz

I sent my report to , and received an answer within a day. In addition to Radio Kiss Kiss I also heard Kiss Kiss Italia en Kiss Kiss Napoli on June 2nd. They have the same parent company: Media Radio . Unfortunately I did not receive a reply on my reports for them yet.

QSL Radio Radicale, Rocca di Papa 88.6 MHz

The spectacular sporadic E opening on June 2nd resulted in quite a few QSLs. One of the first stations I heard was Radio Radicale on 88.6 MHz. Most likely from Rocca di Papa, some 20 kilometers southeast of Rome (1291 kms from my QTH). With 251 kW (listed) the transmitter is probably one of the strongest in Italy. As I couldn’t find an email address I filled in the webform their on their site. Within a day I received a simple reply attached to my message:

Yes,it’s Radio Radicale
Thank you very much

Radio Radicale was founded in 1975-76 as the radio station of the Italian Radical Party. When I saw their logo I thought this would be a socialist party (as the rose is symbol of socialism). But apparently the ideology was liberal. “Was” because the party was dissolved in 1989.

Radio Radicale continues however, but as you can read on Wikipedia, not without controversy. The station has no commercial advertisements. It relies for funding on the party and support from the Italian government as part of an agreement that Radio Radicale broadcasts parliamentary sessions. Which is exactly the sort of programme that I received, as you can hear on my YouTube clip.

UPDATE: fully detailed QSL email received!

QSL MRCC Constanta 16804.5 kHz

A QSL for MRCC Constanta, Romania, with a DSC message on 16804.5 kHz. Mr. Marius Roibu sent a fully detailed reply on my report to . The transmission was directed to the Italian ship “Valle di Granada” near the Brazilian coast on its way from Rio to Gibraltar.

MRCC Constanta was operated by “Radionav” company until 2020 when they went bankrupt. Today the Romanian Naval Authority is responsible.

QSL MRCC Klaipeda 12577 kHz

A QSL MRCC Klaipeda 12577 kHz. I sent a report to them earlier, but didn’t receive a reply. Today I saw that another DX-er was successful, so I dug up my latest reception of this station and tried again… guess what, an hour later a fully detailed eQSL was delivered to my inbox! I sent my report to

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