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QSL Radio Casanova Int. 6060 kHz

Last weekend I was able to receive Radio Casanova International on 6060 kHz. This is a legal shortwave station broadcasting from Winterswijk in The Netherlands. They are in the air on 6020 and 6060 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They use 400W, 1600 PEP via an inverted V antenna. Within a few hours I received their beautiful eQSL via .

e QSL Radio Casanova, The Netherlands

Despite their strong signal the reception quality was a bit compromised due to interference from solar panels as it was a sunny day.


  1. Muhammad Aqeel Bashir

    Great Dxer of the Radio World!
    I am so proud of you Sir!

    • Peter Reuderink

      Thank you Muhammad! Unfortunately is a always a bit of a struggle during the summer months to get some real DX in!
      73s, Peter.

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