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My mind is elsewhere… global tensions

I was not very active blogging I have to admit. Following the developments in Israel my mind is elsewhere, and I still find it difficult to focus my mind on pulling “difficult to read” radio signals out of my SDR IQ recordings…

I’m still monitoring the waves, and the computer picked up some signals from two countries under attack…

On October 7th I picked up this NAVTEX signal on 518 kHz from Haifa Radio, Israel, mentioning the blockade of the Gaza strip. As the message states “as of 03 January” I do believe that this is not related to the current war, but to a blockade that has been established earlier.

On October 10th I picked up another message. This one contains an Israeli Navy annoucnement about a safety zone around the Karish platform.

Another station that I didn’t receive for a while is Odesa Radio, Ukraine. I see a couple of warnings about drifting buoys in the Black Sea… probably nothing out of the ordinary, while buoys are there for safety they often break loose and appear in messages like this.


  1. Patrick

    Sad situation isn’t it.
    I also received this very same message from Haifa Radio, a first for me (like so many captures now that I am in a more radiofriendly location, as well as my active loop that is working really well), and Odessa also been on the navtex screen a few times.
    Your screen captures are most likely from YaND, also in use here.
    The best there is for navtex IMHO.
    73 good DX !

    • Peter Reuderink

      Yep I do use YaND. I have it running most nights now. I will try to run it in parallel with MultiPSK in the coming weeks and see.

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