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QSL From the Isle of Music 9670 kHz

From the Isle of Music is a new program on Radio Channel 292. I like listening to Channel 292 and its programs in the weekend while doing some admin tasks. As such I ran into this lovely program with music from Cuba. I sent my report to: . Their facebook page is:

The station announced that they will be on air next week as well:
Next week, my world music program, Uncle BIll’s Melting Pot, will be on same times and frequencies plus a test simulcast from 1900-2000 on 3955 kHz. 


  1. F. Bleeker

    Had a listen on Saturday morning, too. Unfortunately, the signal came in rather weak.
    3955 kHz in the evening looks promising. That said, 9670 at daytime kHz isn’t usually bad either. Probably too distant for the groundwave & too close for the airwave yesterday.

    • Peter Reuderink

      6070 is often a struggle here. I listened on Saturday to Texas Radio Shortwave with a weak signal at 9 h UTC. I checked Twente SDR, and that was not much better.
      On 9670 kHz on Sunday I had good reception around 8 h UTC, but towards noon there was some fading.

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