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QSL Port Said Radio 2187.5 kHz

A brief email to QSL Port Said Radio on 2187.5 kHz. I received the station in February acknowledging a DSC test message from a tanker Dilos anchored in Port Said Harbour. Initially I tried to reach out to the Port Said Harbour authorities via , but without success. Rob (IZEROCDM) at DX Fanzine was so kind to share the address that delivered him the QSL. Thank you so much Rob!

This is only my 2nd QSL from Egypt. I don’t know how many reports I sent to Radio Cairo… but they were all to no avail.
The other Egyptian QSL I have is from the Middle East News Agency (MENA). I vividly remember how in 1993 I built a small RTTY decoder using an OpAmp (918?). It ran with software on the first PC I owned, an IBM PS/2 with an 80286 Intel CPU (10 MHz). With only one purpose… to get a QSL from my 181st radio country.

A new QTH in 2026?

In the last two weeks I have not been very active behind the radio, on my blog, and on my website… Did I lose my appetite for the radio hobby? No not at all… But since I am retired my wife and I had a desire to relocate to a quieter part of the country and build our own home. Acquiring a building plot in The Netherlands is not easy, but two weeks ago a perfect opportunity presented itself. So understandably that created a bit of distraction…

Meet the new QTH for 2026… and the current residents

A nice and above all a very rural location… open skies and vistas because that’s what we like, but at the same time only a kilometer away from forest and heath (which is what our dog likes).

More relevant for this blog: I really do hope it is a location with significant less QRM than my current suburbian house. With one neighbour 50 meters away and only 6 in a 200 meter radius my expectations are high. And with the construction of our new house I do have the opportunity to reduce noise from the mandatory solar panels as much as possible. So if anyone has construction tips related to this topic… please post them in the comments!

From the Isle of Music on air May 11th

For lovers of Cuban music: “From the Isle of Music” will be on air May 11th, via Channel 292. I heard them earlier this month, read my other post for details. A week later there will be a program “Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot” that I’ve not had the opportunity to listen to. Below see the announcements I got per email from William “Bill” Tilford, Owner/Producer Tilford Productions, LLC:

From the Isle of Music, May 11, 2024 Broadcast:
The main feature will be special guest Kiki Valera with some of his new son cubano album “Vacilón Santiaguero”.
Broadcast times: May 11: 0900-1000 UTC 9670 kHz &
1900-2000 UTC 3955 and 6070 kHz 

Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, May 18, 2024 Broadcast:
 The main feature will be special guest Eugene Pao, Hong Kong’s foremost jazz guitarist, with some of his new  album “Jazz at Lincoln Center”, recorded live during a tour of the US. 
Broadcast times: May 18 0900-1000 UTC 9670 kHz & 
1900-2000 UTC 3955 and 6070 kHz

Both programs will feature additional music to round out the hour.
It’s great to be back on Channel 292!

QSL NDB TAZ-345 Tivat

SMATSA stands for Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Safety Agency. Mr. Slavisa Savic, who is also a HAM operator with call sign YT5DX , was so kind to confirm my reception of radio beacon TAZ. This non directional beacon is in service for Tivat Airport in Montenegro. My 195th radio country confirmed!

April 2024 QSL Atlantic 2000

Because of its interesting mix of music, featuring French chansons, I like to listen to Atlantic 2000 via Channel 292 in Germany. This is the e-QSL for their program last week. In my garden I enjoy similar cherry blossom as on the QSL. The temperatures are however lagging… it is windy and too cold for the time of year.

April 2024 QSL for Atlantic 2000

QSL La Voz de Bogotá 930 kHz

An email to QSL La Voz de Bogotá on 930 kHz. Another Colombian station I received during my stay at Curacao. I struggled to find an email address, but Arild was so kind to help me out. V/s is Mr. John Rodrigues

Confirmation email for La Voz de Bogotá on 930 kHz

La Voz de Bogotá started in 1931 as one of the first radio stations in Colombia. Today it is the flagship station of the Todelar Network. They also operate a number of FM stations like La X, of which you can see the logo on the confirmation mail.

QSL Radio Santa Fe 1070 AM

I heard Radio Santa Fe during my stay on Curacao, and Ms. Blanca Bernal was so kind to QSL Radio Santa Fe 1070 AM.

Radio Santa Fe was founded in 1938 by Hernando Bernal Andrade and his wife Luisa Mahe. Bernal purchased a communications system from a crashed airplane, repaired it and with his wife bought a house in Centenario, a neighbourhood in southern Bogotá, where the first broadcasts of Radio Santa Fe started.

I wouldn’t be suprised if Ms. Bernal is family of the founder. And while I am very grateful for the response of Ms. Bernal I regret that they don’t do something like an e QSL….Years ago they sent a QSL like this:

QSL RCN Cartagena 1000 kHz

I received a QSL for my reception of RCN Cartagena on 1000 kHz. I heard this station, and the RCN stations from Medellin (990 kHz) as well as Cali (980 kHz) while staying on Curacao. Unfortunately the response was a poorly detailed answer via facebook messenger only.

The structure of the Radio Cadena Nacional organisation in Colombia is quite complicated with national and regional production centers and various network programs. On medium wave RCN as I heard it on 1000 kHz is their main program.

Antena 2 is their second network broadcasting sports. Antena 2 has dedicated frequencies in Bogotá, Cali and Medellin, but in other cities it shares the frequency with La Cariñosa. The latter is a network program started in 2000, focusing on popular music.

I came also across RCN owned Radio Red network (for example Bogotá, 970 kHz). Until 2013 these frequencies belonged to Cadena Super. The station I heard from Medellin (710 kHz) is referred to as Cristal Radio Red, but is in fact part of the same network.

Finally I received a “stand alone” RCN station called Años Maravillosos from Bogotá on 1340 AM. This seems a “left over” of the Amor Radio network which had several stations on FM. The FM stations have all been transitioned to other “FM only” networks of RCN: La Mega, La Uno and La FM.

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