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QSL Radio Eli 1035 kHz

Things are a bit slow as I didn’t spend too much time behind the radio the last couple of weeks. But there are still some QSLs from a year ago that I didn’t post yet, as I received them before I started this weblog. This QSL for Radio Eli, Estonia on 1035 kHz is one of those.

QSL card Family Radio, Radio Eli
a very nice e-QSL card from Radio Eli, Estonia, 1035 kHz

Radio Eli aims to bring the gospel to the countries of the post-Soviet space as they write on their website. They started in 2001 with a two hour Russian program of Tartu Family Radio via a 50 kW transmitter on 1035. In 2008 power increased to 100 kW. Since 2010 they are working together with Trans World Radio (TWR) and power increased to 200 kW, but this seems to be used for TWR and Radio Liberty transmission only. Using the loop antenna to block Radio Lyca from the UK on the same frequency they can be received quite well here in The Netherlands.

QSL TWR Roumoules 1467 kHz

The transmitter site at Roumoules is owned by Monaco Media Diffusion. Located in France they are among the most powerful in the world. The 2000 kW long wave transmitter on 216 kHz went silent however in 2020 when Radio Monte Carlo decided to focus on FM and internet only. The 1000 kW transmitter on mediumwave is still in use by TWR (Trans World Radio). For my reception report I received this nice QSL TWR Roumoules 1467 kHz.

e- QSL from Trans World Radio, Roumoules, France
e- QSL card from TWR broadcasting from France

I listened to a program in the Arab language (which I don’t speak) and then it is difficult to pick up details. But then I heard the name of Brother Andrew mentioned a few times. Checking on Wikipedia I learned that he was a Dutch missionary. For his activities in smuggling bibles and christian literature into communist countries during the Cold War he earned the nickname “God’s Smuggler”. So even if you don’t understand a language, you can still learn something in this hobby!

QSL TWR Central Asia 1377 kHz

In May I received TWR (Trans World Radio) Central Asia on 1377 kHz. I heard a program in the Ukrainian language. My reception report was awarded with a nicely detailed e-QSL, signed by Mr. Kalman Dobos:

QSL TWR Central Asia
eQSL TWR Central Asia, 1377 kHz

One thing is missing though and that is the transmitter location. I haven’t seen anything else than “Central Asia” on their QSLs. It seems to be common knowledge though that the station is located in Gavar, Armenia. With 500 kW it can be heard in very good quality here in The Netherlands (SIO 454).

QSL KTWR Guam 9900 kHz

For my reception of their program in Korean language I received this detailed e-QSL from KTWR Trans World Radio Guam.

eQSL TWR Asia from Guam showing their antennas in Guam
eQSL KTWR Guam details
Detailed eQSL from KTWR Guam

Checking my files I found that it was almost 40 years ago that I QSL-ed KTWR Guam for the first time. This is the card I received for my reception on 11840 kHz, December 30th, 1983.

1984 QSL card from KTWR Trans World Radio Guam

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