Romania still has a strong presence on medium wave with a number of regional stations. I received a brief email that confirmed my reception/QSL Radio Cluj 1593 kHz. I sent my report to and and got a reply from the latter address.

The transmitter locations are Sibiu (10 kW) and Oradea (15 kW). Both locations are well outside the Cluj District by the way, and 120 and 130 kilometers of its capital Cluj-Napoca respectively.

Cluj Radio broadcasts in Romanian language. The station identification I heard was “Radio Cluj, ascultă Transilvania” before they went off the air at 20:00 h UTC. The same transmitter location also broadcasts Kolozsvari Radio in Hungarian language as well as Radio Bukarest programs in German and Hungarian. And the frequency is shared with the Radio Târgu Mures program from Miercurea Cluc or Radio România Actualități from Ion Corvin. So make sure you hear a proper ID!