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QSL SER Radio Manresa 1539 kHz

Earlier this year I received a short email for my reception of SER Radio Manresa. Manresa is a city in Catalunya, Spain. The nation wide morning news program of the SER network is called “Hoy por Hoy”. If features slots for regional news allowing you to identify a specific station.
My report was sent to

QSL email SER Manresa 1539 kHz
QSL email SER Radio Manresa 1539 kHz

QSL SER Radio Leon 1341 kHz

In November last year I received an email QSL for my reception of SER Radio Leon, Spain on 1341 kHz. I sent my report to

Nice detail in the email: using medium wave I was one of the few people abroad able to listen to Radio Leon. Access to the Radio Leon internet stream was blocked outside Spain for the duration of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar (in relation to broadcasting rights and royalties)!

Email QSL SER Radio Leon

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