In the last two weeks I have not been very active behind the radio, on my blog, and on my website… Did I lose my appetite for the radio hobby? No not at all… But since I am retired my wife and I had a desire to relocate to a quieter part of the country and build our own home. Acquiring a building plot in The Netherlands is not easy, but two weeks ago a perfect opportunity presented itself. So understandably that created a bit of distraction…

Meet the new QTH for 2026… and the current residents

A nice and above all a very rural location… open skies and vistas because that’s what we like, but at the same time only a kilometer away from forest and heath (which is what our dog likes).

More relevant for this blog: I really do hope it is a location with significant less QRM than my current suburbian house. With one neighbour 50 meters away and only 6 in a 200 meter radius my expectations are high. And with the construction of our new house I do have the opportunity to reduce noise from the mandatory solar panels as much as possible. So if anyone has construction tips related to this topic… please post them in the comments!