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My first Transatlantic SSTV catches

I have never really been into amateur radio/HAM. Maybe that is something for later when the last broadcast station has left the waves for the internet. There is one exception to the rule though. I bought the MULTIPSK decoder a few months ago, and occasionally I like to keep it running on 14230 kHz to see if I can catch some SSTV DX. It is probably all about the instant satisfaction of receiving a nice picture.

One June 9th conditions allowed me to make my first Transatlantic SSTV catch: VE2JWC from St. Jerome, Quebec Canada. Cute detail is that the picture shows the QTH of the station.

SSTV_RX 2023-06-09 02h44m33s
My first Transatlantic SSTV reception was VE2JCW from St. Jerome, Quebec

And on June 10th I also received stations from New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Nothing spectacular probably for the seasoned radio amateur, but a first for me!

SSTV_RX 2023-06-10 00h41m56s
N1DOU, from Barnstead, New Hampshire
SSTV_RX 2023-06-10 23h00m02s
W1QC from Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

QSL 7S6WRD Grimeton HAM Radio

During the UNESCO World Radio Day event of February 13th, 2023 a special HAM station was in the air. I received it in CW on the 14 MHz band. It was a long time ago that I decoded CW, but with record/play back I was able to collect sufficient details for a QSL of 7S6WRD Grimeton, Sweden.
My guess is that the station normally operates as SK6SAQ (with SAQ identical to the Grimeton callsign) but was under a special 7S6WRD callsign for this event (with WRD obviously referring to World Radio Day).
Click the link to learn more about the Grimeton World Heritage Station. No doubt there will be future opportunities to receive this station and associated HAM radio.

Special HAM QSL for 7S6WRD Grimeton on World Radio Day

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